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Music Makes Higher Converting Videos, But You Better Know You’re Legal
Don’t lose your YouTube channel over copyright issues
Music is the secret sauce for videos, but make sure you have the rights to the music

Dear ,

My friend Mike Stewart, 30 year music composer of jingles, TV themes, and even a Gold Record artist has just made an incredible offer of his advertising music library of 150 themes you can use for videos, products, and videos you do for your clients, Use this music with confidence as he is composer and owner that grant you the license to use that music for your business.

Go here now and watch his video that explains it all:

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Not only that, Mike has created tutorials on how to pick the right music to match your message, how to edit, lengthen, loop and make musical intros , transitions out of his organized titles that make it dead easy to add music to your videos no matter what tool you use like Video FX Maker, Explaindio, Camtasia, iPad, or desktop video software. They all need music and this is the solution to have legal music and how to use it effectively.

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